About Us

By combining its experience and expertise in underwater and diving field with up-to-date technologies and R&D studies, focuses on customer satisfaction, offers and produces quality and creative solutions.

About Us

Boğaziçi Underwater Research Center-BURC was established in 1997 to conduct research on underwater issues and to develop diving techniques. The main area of ​​expertise of our company is diving and underwater technologies. For this purpose, it provides diving training, develops and produces innovative diving equipment. The products resulting from our R&D studies are produced and sold under the registered trademark of BURC, INNOVASUB. In addition to R&D studies, licensed trainings are provided for recreational and professional diving.

Our company is one of Turkey's leading company in the field of diving and underwater research. It has come to an important place in its field with the trainings and projects it has developed at home and abroad. Our company has the necessary knowledge and infrastructure in dive computer development, mechanical design knowledge, programming ability and the ability to test the dive computer. R&D and advanced technical studies have brought important project investments with it.

Industry collaborations, academic consultancy and technology evaluation centers such as TUBITAK. American Underwater Inc., which forms Oceanic, Hollis and Aeris. provides consultancy services to the companies on dive computer algorithms.

BURC, whose entire staff is divers, from industrial designers to engineers, has been working with divers since 1997 for the safety of the diving sector. 

The main activities of our company are:

  • To introduce new products to the market by carrying out R&D activities related to underwater technologies,
  • To provide diving training and diving courses,
  • To provide underwater consultancy services,
  • To provide underwater imaging services.

Our Consulting Services:

  • Special trainings for organizations
  • Mixed gas diving table design
  • Mixed gas
  • Dive profile risk calculation
  • Survey
  • Underwater video shooting
  • Underwater photography
  • Controllership
  • ROV
  • International industry diving training
  • Closed circuit diving systems
  • Acoustic communication