R&D Projects

By collaborating with the research centers, universities, governmental organizations and fellow actors in the industry, we try to create solutions to divers problems as creatively and innovatively as we can.

R&D Projects

Boğaziçi Underwater Research Center - BURC operates in the field of underwater technologies under the brand name Innovasub, as well as recreational and commercial diving education and services departments. Innovasub is a registered trademark of BURC.

With our Innovasub brand, we develop and trade innovative underwater technologies that can serve the needs of commercial, recreational and sportive divers and diving organizations. In addition to distributing trusted products of partner brands worldwide; We manufacture various products from software to hardware in order to match, direct and contribute to the formation of today's divers. For detailed information about Innovasub Click here

We try to produce creative and innovative solutions to various problems by collaborating with research centers, universities, government organizations and other actors in the sector.

Our code is made up of all divers, which gives us a better perspective on divers problems. Our years of research, teamwork and passion are dedicated to solving these problems and meeting the needs of the modern diver. Our solutions are to produce by divers for divers.

Basically, we carry out 2 types of R&D projects: